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Almost 2 years in the making!

We are so incredibly excited. Our first damn show is this week, Friday, March 1st! As an original band we have had to go through quite a bit of back and forth figuring out who we are and what we were going to come up with. In the beginning, it was like we would just pluck

something into our instruments and we would say, "hum... that sounds cool, keep going!" Then some sort of riff would slowly turn into a long night jam. Thank God we recorded our riffs and jams from the beginning. It is from these collections that we have honed our tones and polished to what we are excited to bring to the crowd this Friday.

How fortuitous... We started just playing on Fridays. It started with a single jam night. "Hey, let's have some fun." To eventually adding more effort and time during the weekday evenings. Now it is, "Man, how soon can we do this again?". Music has consumed our lives. It is fitting that Friday, be the entry point for our practice lives to officially become live performers on a stage.

It took even longer to realize what the point of what we were aiming to achieve was. We spent time crafting jam riffs into full fledge songs. But one thing that began to sprout up like a seed, was the personal attachment we had to these jams. Our heart, soul and personal experiences were poured into songs like Consequences, Next to you and Shadow on the Wall. Some of these are inspired by the darkest moments. While others like Better than you, Expectations, Fortified and New Energy were inspired by the ability to tell the world to piss off, we aren't going to conform to your beatings. In essence, the songs we are putting into our first album are about finding ourselves amongst all of these things that surround our lives. Who are we? THUMP WHISTLE, that's who.

Come check us out this Friday in Livermore, CA at the Pine Street Bar. We go on at 7:30PM, don't be late!

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