Thump Whistle is a rock band based in Pleasanton, California.  The band has been crafting their sound since 2017 when vocalist Joe Tinker, bassist Kurt Rushlow and drummer Tim Benton began writing and playing original music.  2018 saw the addition of Anthony Bischel on guitars. In 2019, their first single, Next To You, was released in 2019.  For the first two years, the band had done what most bands do: figure out who they are and how to put their hearts and souls into the music.  When first listening to one of their songs it is clear to see the unique sound that is brought together from having been influenced by some really incredible bands over the last 20-30 years.  They have a refreshing sound that brings listeners back to when rock and roll was pure, breaking rules and yet is still very much relevant to that current rock sound.  Thump Whistle's songs have been crafted out of the experiences shared since 9/11.  Two of the band members served in the military.  Kurt Rushlow (bass) was a Seaman in the Navy and Joe Tinker (vocalist) a Corporal in the Marines had two tours overseas including one in Ramadi, Iraq.  These experiences have permeated through the sound and lyrics that veterans and veteran supporters alike can relate to.  Their first album is scheduled for release over the summer of 2020.